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Upland Game Management

We help advise on a wide variety of upland issues for game and wildlife, from moorland restoration and muirburn planning, to population monitoring and disease management. Our experts provide all aspects of ecological monitoring necessary for land managers to make effective decisions on stocking and habitat management for red grouse and other upland species. Following an initial assessment visit, we will create a range of customised packages to address your objectives.

Seasonal red grouse counts

We have been using pointing dogs to monitor red grouse population trends in Scotland for over 40 years, and our research in this area has provided us a unique insight into the ecology of this species. We have experienced dog handlers in our advisory team who undertake annual red grouse counts. Grouse counts in spring, repeated in July, give reliable estimates of pre- and post-breeding densities. We use this information for population and harvesting analysis to assist with and inform current moorland management practices, including disease management.

Grouse health and disease monitoring

GWCT research has been integral to understanding disease management in red grouse. Through this research we have helped reduce the severity and frequency of cyclical grouse population crashes, resulting in greater stabilization of grouse numbers, which in turn has increased the likelihood of shooting. We offer a complete grouse health and disease service covering both Louping-ill and strongylosis testing and monitoring. In addition, we can help you develop a comprehensive grouse health plan, which covers the use of domestic livestock as tick mops.

Muirburn Advisory Service

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust recognises the importance of muirburn as a land management and conservation tool. Our Muirburn Advisory Service is designed to support estates in developing and monitoring simple, user-friendly muirburn plans. We can provide specialist advice to help evaluate and manage risk of harm to the environment from muirburn activities and ensure that management complies with best practice and meets any statutory restrictions. Our services include training, planning, mapping and monitoring.

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