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Our Services

Our Advisory team offer bespoke advice on all aspects of game and wildlife management. From wildlife surveys and habitat assessments, whether required for ecological impact assessments, grant applications, or as part of wider biodiversity appraisals, to best practice predator control, and the sustainable management of gamebirds, we provide one-to-one advice to give you the confidence to make the right decisions for your farm or shoot.

Your vision; our mission

Biodiversity & Nature Conservation

Our approach to land management is one that leaves our wildlife and habitats in a better state than before – our aim is to produce a thriving countryside rich in game and wildlife.

The GWCT’s Biodiversity Assessment Service helps farms, estates, and wildlife managers highlight where current management is benefitting biodiversity, identify where there is potential for negative impacts on wildlife, and promote practical solutions and remedial actions.

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Upland Game Management

We help advise on a wide variety of upland issues for game and wildlife, from moorland restoration and muirburn planning, to population monitoring and desease management. Our experts provide all aspects of ecological monitoring necessary for land managers to make effective decisions on stocking and habitat management for red grouse and other upland species. Following an initial assessment visit we will create a range of customised packages to address your objectives.

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Lowland Game & Shoot Management

Released gamebirds underpin most lowland game shooting in Britain. The process of releasing and related management must work within the law, be transparent, and withstand scrutiny.

Compared with 20 years ago, the demands placed on lowland shoot managers are diverse. Providing testing high-flying birds at low cost remains a core objective for many, but today the effective management of disease and maximising wild productivity from released birds are increasingly important.

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Farm Management

Agriculture covers over 70% of Scotland’s land use with some of our most important habitats linked to farming. As such, we need to farm efficiently to look after nature.

Our Advisors can help with farm design to improve your game and wildlife conservation, including declining species, and are experienced at delivering Farm Environmental Assessments such as those required for Single Farm Payment Schemes.

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Predator Control Assessments

The GWCT recognise the importance of the implementation of targeted, legal and humane predation control programmes for the benefit of game and wildlife. However, with people now spending more recreational hours connecting with land managed for gamebirds and sporting activities than ever before, it has never been more important that targeted predator control is discreet, trusted and fully defensible.

Our professional Advisors provide tailored advice to estates on best practice predator control. An outside, well-trained eye can make the world of difference on how far the best practice bar can be raised.

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Data Management & Reporting

Increasing concerns about the potential ecological consequences of how our countryside is managed means that there is, now more than ever, pressure on land and wildlife managers to demonstrate evidence of sound management.

Through our Advisory Service, we offer a bespoke advice, training and reporting package to help estates demonstrate evidence of best practice management. Using the Epicollect5 platform, we can provide your management team with an easy-to-use method to collect and maintain records on all aspects of game and wildlife management. This is aimed at helping estates fulfil basic due diligence and evidence requirements which will be required for future licence applications and accreditation.

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Courses & Training Days

Our Advisors run a series of courses throughout the year on a wide range of topics, including game management, biodiversity and conservation. Successful candidates receive a GWCT certificate to help demonstrate due diligence and responsibility as required under the W&NE Act.

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