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Farm Management

Agriculture covers over 70% of Scotland’s land use with some of our most important habitats linked to farming. As such, we need to farm efficiently to look after nature.

Our Advisors can help with farm design to improve your game and wildlife conservation, including declining species, and are experienced at delivering Farm Environmental Assessments such as those required for Single Farm Payment Schemes.

We can provide a one-to-one visit to your farm to advise you on any wildlife issues that are specific to you and your land. Our advisors have a wealth of experience having surveyed millions of hectares and base their advice on the research produced by our team of researchers and scientists working on game and wildlife projects at our demonstration sites in Aberdeenshire and Leicestershire.

Working together, farmers and land managers can deliver greater benefits for soil, water, and wildlife at landscape-scale. GWCT Advisors can help establish Farmer Clusters with the focus on conserving key species for the benefit of the wider environment.

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