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Data Management & Reporting

Increasing concerns about the potential ecological consequences of how our countryside is managed means that there is, now more than ever, pressure on land and wildlife managers to demonstrate evidence of sound management.

Through our Advisory Service, we offer a bespoke advice, training and reporting package to help estates demonstrate evidence of best practice management. Using the Epicollect5 platform, we can provide your management team with an easy-to-use method to collect and maintain records on all aspects of game and wildlife management. This is aimed at helping estates fulfil basic due diligence and evidence requirements, which will be required for future licence applications and accreditation.

Apart from ease of use, a helpful feature of the app is the ability to capture your location and link this to information on wildlife and management activities without the need to log into a mobile data network. This has opened a world of opportunities for building projects and connecting them to Geographical Information Systems.

“Using the Epicollect5 app provides us with a simple to use method to record our daily management activities and has allowed us to visualise our data in a way we were never able to do before. This is the future of game management”

Headkeeper, Scottish Borders

In Scotland, we are helping advisory clients with a range of analysis and reports based on mapping. By doing so, we can provide rich insights on predator and habitat management, as well as the conservation of key species, such as wading birds, mountain hare and black grouse.

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