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Biodiversity & Nature Conservation

Our approach to land management is one that leaves our wildlife and habitats in a better state than before – our aim is to produce a thriving countryside rich in game and wildlife.

The GWCT’s Biodiversity Assessment Service helps farms, estates, and wildlife managers highlight where current management is benefitting biodiversity, identify where there is potential for negative impacts on wildlife, and promote practical solutions and remedial actions.

We take a holistic view on assessing biodiversity. Our assessments are tailored to the individual requirements of each estate, farm, or shoot, providing a qualitative ecological appraisal of habitats and their condition whilst identifying areas of good practice and making recommendations for future improvements.

As well as more broad ecological appraisals and habitat mapping, we are also experienced in undertaking in-depth surveys for a range of species, including birds, mammals, and invertebrates, and offer training to land managers so they can contribute to practitioner-led conservation initiatives.

FAS Specialist Advice service

The Scottish Farm Advisory Service (FAS) provides Scottish Government funding for land managers to employ contractors to complete specialist advice plans to help them analyse areas of interest or concern within their business. These are available to farmers and crofters provided that they are registered in Scotland Rural Payments and Services and hold a Business Reference Number (BRN) with IACS. Up to £1,000 of funding per advice plan is available, with a maximum of two advice plans per business permitted. Where they are registered, the business must pay the full VAT. For more information, see the FAS website

The Scottish Advisory team are uniquely placed to undertake assessments for the biodiversity, habitat and landscape and woodland management and conservation plans. With approved advisors located across Scotland and various areas of expertise, contact our team to discuss your requirements and how the process works.

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